Are you looking for enjoyable activities for little kids? You are in the right place then! This page offers the best collection of cute online games for 5-year old players. These titles are designed not only to entertain young players when the weather is bad for playing outside. These projects have a much deeper purpose – they will make the kids learn through playing. They will get tons of new knowledge – colors, figures, various things about the surrounding world and more! Do not leave this site until you test this cool set of strategical and creative challenges for young players!

Select the right category!

There are so many different themes of online games for little users that it impossible to list them all. Plenty of activities are devoted to counting and writing. Kids will learn how letters and numbers look like and try to write them. Other game options encourage little users to find discrepancies on the seemingly identical pictures, complete simple puzzles and participate in a lot of thrilling adventures. And sometimes, little players are just given enough freedom of action and encouraged to express their creativity. They will need to experiment, paint and more! All the stories are bright and engaging. They are aimed at grabbing their attention and force them to think and act. You do not need to worry that some of the games on this page may come with inappropriate content. Whatever title you choose, if is fully suitable for a 5-year old kid.

It is more than simple!

All these projects are also made in a way to simplify controls for little players as much as possible. A child will only need to tap or swipe to complete the task successfully. The controls are designed in a way that even users with little computer experience will cope with the task. The main objective of developers is to improve the players’ eye and hand coordination and force them to think logically. Little players will be delighted to interact with their favorite Disney characters or construct Lego online. These activities will not only enable them to spend time with fun. Little users will greatly improve their memory skills, logic and agility. These are the qualities so much needed at school! Besides, they will learn new worlds, new things about everyday life and the planet. The assortment of games on this page continuously grows – do not miss new stories and adventures!