Simulation of an extreme and absolutely dangerous situation can be a really great entertainment. Just imagine – you appear in an incredibly hostile environment, where everything and everyone can make you harm and even defeat you. You don’t have too much equipment to stand against. Maybe, you have a knife, or a stick, or… nothing. Zombies or aliens are all around and you can hardly fight them with that poor weapons. What is more, you need to eat something and build a shelter, because when fighting is not an option, you should hide. So you start your journey along the streets of a post-apocalyptic city or a gloomy forest, where an enemy can be waiting for you around the next corner. You cannot stay, since you need to collect some items to increase your chances to survive. At the same time, you are sitting at your PC in a warm place, drinking a cup of cocoa, and petting your cat. Outliving the fantastic worlds is even more interesting, when they are digital, right?

On this page, we have located dozens of survival titles of all kinds. Some of them are one-player titles, where you are all alone and your only mission is to stay alive as long as possible. The others are multiplayers, where you will team up with other survivors to resist a disaster all around you. In some of them you will have to communicate and cooperate, because you won’t make it on your own. In the others, you will have to fight the opponents, who are real players, until the last one stays. The most amazing thing about survivals is that you never know, how the story will end. Usually, gamers don’t have any ultimate goal, except surviving. This genre is combined with horrors often that usually feature some supernatural and mystical powers. You can start your journey as a lonely soldier, standing against the world. Craft tools and weapons to fight the enemies and find some resources. You will hardly meet any friends here, because in one-payer survivals everyone you meet wants to eat you. In most cases, you won’t have an opportunity to set a fight, because you don’t have any efficient weapons, so you will need to hide from them and avoid confrontations. There are so many plots that perfectly suit such a format, that you will be absolutely amazed by their diversity. While all of them feature the same structure, your experience will be different every time, because the best survivals have unforgettable and truly unique atmosphere.