Millions of years ago, the earth belonged to dinosaurs. Those were fabulous creatures of tremendous size and strength. Even now, looking at their skeletons at museums, you can feel how tiny you are next to them. The most terrifying of all was the famous T-Rex, but the sight of herbivores doesn’t instill too much optimism either. There is no such creature that would risk standing in their path. And despite the fact that they are long by-gone history, today the images of dinosaurs are widely used in books, movies and of course online games. Do you want to spend some time in their company? Then this section is especially for you!

Running with the dinosaurs

Dinosaur games can be very different and each of them is appealing and exciting in its own way. If you regret that nobody could save the dinosaurs from the unfortunate meteorite that fell on our planet eons ago and turned them into bare bones, now you have a chance to fix it and rescue as many of them as you can from a valley that is about to go puff. You can also find out what it’s like to lead a dinosaur life searching for food, fighting natural enemies and raising your offspring. Speaking of which, it would be nice to try yourself as a dinosaur babysitter taking care of the little ones who just got out of their eggs.

Of course, not all of the games feature such a peaceful gameplay. If you want some real action with a lot of adrenaline, you can run away from a giant dinosaur or shoot down a whole crowd of them rushing in on you from a machine gun. You can also try on the skin of the T-Rex and cause chaos in the city crashing the houses and swallowing people. Dinosaur fights can be highly thrilling, the most important thing is to choose your character right. This is a great way to learn about the peculiarities and abilities of every species.

The Jurassic is back!

This is just the beginning of the long list of dinosaur games we have on our site! There are plenty of other options for you to enjoy. Do you like basketball? Then play it with dinosaurs – it turns out they love playing with a ball too. You can also create your own dinosaur from various parts, a species that never even existed! Or run a virtual Jurassic park where you can install different attractions, create new breeds and increase your income to attract even more visitors. The world of dinosaur games is marvelous and fascinating. There is so much to learn and do here! So why don’t you start discovering it right now?