There is probably no such person who doesn’t adore cats. These cute fluffy creatures have been a nominee for the pet of the year since time immemorial. When there is a cat in the house, it instantly becomes so much warmer and cozier. Their amusing stunts and relaxing purring can melt even the coldest of hearts. No wonder cat games are so popular online. If you too are a fan of the feline kind, welcome to the fluffiest and purriest section of our website where you can see what your whiskered favorites are capable of in the virtual reality!

Plenty of cat fun online!

Cat games unite all online games that have to do anything with cats. That means the genres can be pretty different leaving enough space for everyone to find just the right option suiting their taste. For instance, you can babysit a little kitten – feeding, washing, brushing, petting and playing with it to keep your four-legged charge healthy and happy. Some games give you a chance to become a cat and find out what it’s like to lead a feline life. Some cats in these games are nothing short of humans – take Talking Tom for example. He actually can talk, he has a job at a news channel and even a girlfriend. But even he gets into trouble from time to time and can use your help to find his way out of it. Girls will find it entertaining to dress up cute cats picking up various hairstyles and accessories for them. And little kids will be glad to try their hand at coloring handsome cat images passing time in an educative and creative way.

Pets, friends and heroes

Since it’s a virtual world, cats don’t necessarily have to be just adorable beings that live by our side here. Some of them have a heart of a warrior and a soul of an adventurer. They are ready to defend their homeland from even the most dangerous enemies and are always up for another turmoil. You can wander off into a fairy tale feline kingdom threatened by an evil wizard and try to work an alliance with their sworn foes, the dogs, in order to fend off a common peril. And even in a regular modern-day city, you never know when you’ll run into a cat superhero who fights villains and protects the peace of unsuspecting citizens! You can share their adventures and find out more about the underground society of felines who possess all kinds of amazing powers and abilities. As you can see, cat games are highly versatile and incredibly fascinating. Check them out on our site and don’t waste your nine lives for nothing!