Hello Neighbor is known as an innovative first-person tactical puzzle game in which artificial intelligence is your main opponent. This is one of the first titles that strive to use the amazing capacities of modern AI technologies to the fullest. There is a couple of amazing things about AI in games. It makes your enemies smart and unpredictable, because they can learn in the process, understand player’s tactics, search for counter-solutions and remember player’s previous actions planning its decisions in advance and being a step ahead. In Hello Neighbor, these incredible capacities of AI are wrapped up in a unique and unusual story, which is fascinating to unravel. This story makes one realize: someone living near might be anyone. Literally. A psycho, a maniac, and someone who has a very tragic destiny. Gamers will settle in the neighborhood with a man seems the most ordinary from the first glance. However, should you believe your first impression?

The action takes place in a small private sector. You moved to this place not so long ago, but now you are a usual inhabitant. That’s unclear, who is that person living near. He acts like… hiding something? Or are you just paranoid? But if you are not, then you can save someone’s life. However, now you must uncover him at any cost. You decide that entering his place is necessary. The man will learn and try to predict your tactics. The enemy seems to be clever. Your thoughts that he is a maniac or a psycho can be confirmed in a very tragic way.

There is a number of location available for investigation: your home, yard, his place. Native home is safe. At home you are protected and safe. The neighbor’s house is absolutely opposite. His house is extremely large. Be aware that he can hear your steps, when you are not being quiet enough and will catch you if you are not careful. The basement is his main secret. As soon as you manage to get there – you won! However, this won’t be easy. Are you ready to lift the veil of secrecy and oppose the artificial intelligence? Try it right now! We have a great deal of Hello Neighbor titles for you, so you can play them one by one, because all of them have something unique to amaze you with!