In the early days of the computer industry, all games had limited levels and a linear storyline. In the beginning, you were given a character, you had to move through certain locations in a strictly defined order, pass them, get points and prizes and continue your way to the next turn of events. And that was great, especially if the story was worth it. But technology and gameplay were constantly evolving, players were offered more and more freedom of action. And voila – now we are all familiar with something called open world games. If you don’t like to be constrained by any frames, welcome to this wonderful genre!

Virtual world without boundaries

The very essence of open world games is that the map can be explored in any way, in any order – and this will not affect the course of the game. At the beginning, the player finds oneself in a certain situation that throws you into the virtual world. And then you are invited to decide for yourself where to go and what to do. This becomes possible due to the fact that events are not tied to certain levels, but can happen to the character arbitrarily.

Actually, the concept of levels isn’t even there – instead of them, the map is divided into locations, between which you can move completely freely. Once you reach a certain place, you will gain access to resources, opportunities and tasks that are quietly waiting for you to discover them. In the meantime, you can travel through picturesque landscapes, study the control system, various abilities and combat skills of your character, accumulate experience and spend it on increasing your parameters, fight enemies, collect loot and learn to do various other things that the developers have prepared for you.

Go anywhere, do anything, have fun!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that there is no plot at all in open world games. Most often, it is present in the form of several story branches, which you can follow in any order. Tired of fighting? Go and explore ancient caves. Tired of walking around the dungeons? Try to enter a magic school and become a glorious wizard. And so on and so forth. As the action progresses, your character will become more and more powerful, and your equipment will get more and more advanced, so you will be able to bravely face any dangers that come your way. And your decisions will also influence the plot! Depending on your choice, the game can have one or another ending. Set out to explore our incredible open world games, enjoy free action and amazing adventures!