Attracted by tremendous speeds and pumping adrenaline? Thrilled with the sounds coming from out of the sports bolide and the threatening roaring of the engine? That means Need For Speed is made especially for you! This highly dynamic and versatile series of games will send you on a variety of road trials where you will be able to check your reflexes and see what you are capable of in a critical situation. Are you ready to begin? Then choose your favorite vehicle, jump behind the wheel, put your face under the wind and prove your opponents that you are worthy of holding the proud title of the King of the Road!

The fastest of cars, the craziest of tracks!

NFS games will take you to the world of speedy ride where you can drive various types of vehicles, and most importantly, the coolest racing cars. Wanna compete with the best racers out there? Then quickly launch the game, start the engine and put pressure on the gas! Our site contains a vast collection of Need for Speed games, from primitive arcade races to realistic simulators with 3D graphics that will make your experience as close to life as possible. You can take part in thrilling road competitions either with the AI or, which is much more challenging and exciting, real players from different parts of the internet. Hundreds of breathtaking tracks are waiting for you, from trafficked city streets to spacious highways. You can choose a race to your taste, be it a regular contest or a deadly race where you can use dirty tricks against your opponents.

Tune and upgrade your vehicle!

You will also find a huge selection of cars, various terrain for driving and, of course, auto tuning. The colors and configuration of your vehicle can be freely customized to your own taste. The money won in the race can be spent on upgrading your car’s parameters. For fans of drifting, there are specially designed tracks where you can indulge in that amazing and thrilling activity. If you want to feel the power of a jeep, just select one and get behind the wheel of a real crossover. Always dreamed of driving a real racing bolide like the one you can see in Formula 1 championships? No worries, here is a wide choice for you to hop into! For fans of survival races, we have some very cool NFS games in which you can test the strength of your car and try to destroy your opponents. Choose a race to your taste and let your engine roar as you prepare to speed off to the finish line outrunning everything in your way!