It hasn’t been long since short Alphabet Lore cartoons hit the web and gained wide popularity. Now you can meet the characters not only in YouTube videos, but also in online games! On this page, you will find quite a lot of them, and each will give you a chance to learn the humanized letters from Alphabet Lore a little bit better, set out on exciting adventures in their company or even fight against them in crazy shooters. Let’s begin!

These letters are alive!

Letters are something we deal with on a daily basis. They surrounded us everywhere since it’s the key way of coding verbal information that the whole mankind uses. And Latin alphabet is by far the most wide-spread and recognizable among all. Before Alphabet Lore, letters have been just symbols to us. Now we can also imagine them as living creatures, with their own behavior and traits of characters, ways of interaction and even philosophy.

Alphabet Lore games are based on the series of short videos that appeared in the internet and might have seemed silly to some. However, they quickly went viral and before the trend even established itself, we had a whole bunch of online games dedicated to them. Here you can see the same situations shown in the cartoons and some new ones giving you a chance to learn more about the characters and even interact with them in a certain way. This ways may differ from simply participating in some silly adventures to solving puzzles and even protecting your base from the evil versions of Alphabet Lore characters. Scroll through the whole list of games to choose one to your liking!

Fun, addicting and even educative!

Our great Alphabet Lore games will be interesting to those who like the cartoons and also to children. Kids can benefit a lot from playing them because it can help them actually learn the alphabet. As we know, it’s very hard for the little ones to concentrate on something, especially as boring as letters, for a long time. However, if these letters can be made fun in some way, that changes the whole thing.

The characters of Alphabet Lore are alive and, just like people, they have different appearances and personalities. They move, talk and behave differently, and that’s precisely the thing that makes it so exciting to watch them. So the games you are going to find in this sections will be a great option both for adults and kids. Start playing Alphabet Lore online right now and have fun!