There are probably no such boys that don’t love cars. It’s something in the guys’ blood. They are well versed in modern models, can fix minor mechanical issues if necessary and follow a chic car with a no less admiring look than a beautiful girl. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to purchase their own vehicle. And even if you have it, you can’t speed up too much in the busy city streets. If you want to experience what it is like to drive a cool car, control its every movement and take part in incredible races – welcome to our awesome car games for boys!

Race with the wind!

Car games are exciting and diverse. Here you can get just about any experience related to cars. If you dream of high speeds and crazy races, we offer you a huge selection of this particular genre. You can participate in dizzying competitions with other players on a variety of routes, from smooth freeways to killer off-road. It all depends on your speed of reaction and ability to drive different types of vehicles. On the road you will encounter various obstacles – in this case, you need to react just in time not to end up in a ditch or fly into a fence at full pace. In some races, dirty tricks are also allowed – you can ram your opponents, set traps for them, or even shoot at them from a rocket launcher. With the money earned, you can improve your car by installing new wheels, engine and increasing its characteristics.

Get a virtual driver’s license!

Racing is not everything car games for boys can offer. If you want to seriously learn driving, you can complete a series of missions in one of the realistic simulators on our site. Here all traffic rules are taken into account, driving conditions in the city are perfectly simulated, and there is even a change in time of the day and weather. You can try your hand at the wheel of various vehicles – a regular car, a sports motorcycle or a heavy truck. Become a taxi driver and earn money picking up passengers or deliver cargo to the destination point. There are even separate parking simulators, because the ability to park correctly will save you from a number of troubles, from scratches on your car to fines. And if you are attracted by a mechanic, you can roll up your sleeves and start repairing a variety of machines in a virtual garage. In general, there is a proper pursuit for everyone in our car games for boys. Discover all the delights of driving a virtual car and enjoy the ride!