Welcome to the huge gaming world, where you can implement any scenario to your taste. The developers have united all their previous projects into one universe – Toca Life World. And now every player is free to do whatever he wants! You will find characters and items from all the previously released games in this series – City, Vacation, Office, Hospital, and more. In this release, everything is interconnected, and you are the author of new exciting stories.

How to play?

Once you join the game, you will find yourself in a computer-generated world that is completely unique. You will have a house where you live with your friends. There are also shops and restaurants here, theme parks and other leisure areas – you can visit these as much as you want. Every part of the environment here is designed with the purpose to make you interact with other players. You can buy things in the store, mix them and create new items. For example, buy vegetables and meat and cook delicious food to your taste. Actually, you will have all tools available to create your own plots, stories and situations. You can send your character to school or to the café, to make him an office manager or a hair dresser. It is only you who decides what happens!

How to create new characters?

At first, you can use the ready-made heroes available in this game. So, already in the first location, you will find two friends who spend time in an apartment playing together. But you can now decide on their further actions and whereabouts. Just drag the heroes themselves and the objects to the places you want, think over their actions, and create new scenes with their participation. There are more characters available in the other locations. Moreover, you can customize them all to your taste, changing their clothes and appearance. Even if you can operate a fixed number of heroes at the beginning, as you move on, you will unlock both new characters and maps. Thus, you will receive even more tools and resources to realize your idea into realistic plots. Numerous characters and pets make Toka Boka’s unique entertainment. Its limitless features inspire the imagination of every player, encouraging them to create a new colorful world. Since children are real researchers open to new experiments, Toca Life will not leave them indifferent and will bring a lot of positive emotions. So join this playground to come up with a new exciting storyline!