Nintendo is one of the most popular consoles of all times. The first Nintendo console was created so long ago – in distant 1983. However, despite the huge period of time passed, Nintendo games continue gladdening gamers from all over the world. The company continues to invent new consoles, create characters, launch new games, and remake the classical ones. Today, with the high popularity of desktop and online gaming, Nintendo games are easily transferred to computers and you don’t really have to buy a console if you want to try them out and have some fun. Namely, you can find the best titles from Nintendo Switch family right here, in this rubrics. We have prepared something really special for you – a vast collection of incredible games for all times.

Perennial classic: games that gladden us forever

The series of games related to Nintendo Switch include all the best classical franchises all of you know for sure. The main three franchises are Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Mario Kart. This means that you have a perfect chance to join the famous plumber Mario, his brother Luigi, princess Peach, and other characters you know from your childhood! The modern Mario games feature cool three-dimensional graphics, improved gameplay, and impressive plots to check out. Also, now Mario and his buddies ride the sport karts in the riding game with the same name – Mario Kart. Here you can enter numerous routes and try yourself as a speedy rider! Win all the prizes and become a real champion of the world! In addition, classics like Legend of Zelda will immerse you into the fantasy world of sword and magic, where you will wander around interesting and rich maps, picturesque and impressive.

All the games at your disposal

We have gathered the collection of Nintendo Switch games in this section. To say the truth, this one is pretty popular among our users – thousands of gamers visit this page to enjoy old-school and brand new games from the well-known series. You are welcome to become one of them and have fun with your most favorite characters, including Super Mario Bros and heroes from The Legend of Zelda! We welcome you to enjoy the titles as much as you want – all of them are free, unblocked, and available online. You can launch any of the presented games on your computer of mobile device and enjoy it without download and installation. Have fun right now – enter the fantastic worlds of Nintendo games and immerse yourself into the amazing adventures!