When you decided to start some affair, there is always a plan where to begin and where to come in the end. Otherwise you’ll amount to nothing and your enterprise will slide into chaos. Online strategy games will help you to make the planning process more explicit and learn how to control a situation calculating possible options and outcomes a few steps ahead. We have excellent simulators of various types to please girls and boys of all ages. All the strategies can basically be divided into military and economic. Which are closer to you? It’s up to you to choose!

Military theater in action

War is not just about shooting – it’s a complex event the mechanics of which you can control. Wars are waged by armies, and armies must be trained, armed, clothed, fed and led into the attack. But the products run out, the clothes wear off, the weapons break down. So you need constant access to all resources in order to maintain the effectiveness of the soldiers. How to do it? Play strategies online and learn! Establish a military base, train fighters on a bridgehead, set up mining, open up weapons production, make friends with neighbors. Relations with other players are an important link for success. With them you will trade or exchange things, and when the enemy attacks, you can count on the help of your allies. You can also recruit soldiers from other lands into your army, and if the level of your economy is sufficient to interest them, they will come knocking on your door themselves. You should always have some budget, but you need to increase it to improve the level of armament and have an influence on your neighbors – the one who has more finance rules the stage.

Build your own business empire

Peaceful online strategies are aimed at building and developing a city or business. It can be a hotel, restaurant, a chain of shops or farm. Each level allows you to build and manage ever more complex structures. New useful tools and buildings appear, small houses are replaced by cottages, and then by mansions and castles. Restaurants begin to serve a variety of dishes, and modern technology speeds up the work. Shops become more attractive for buyers with interior decoration and assortment, and in hotels, residents use an extended list of services. But in order to purchase all that extra stuff, you have to work hard: to harvest, serve customers, cure patients. The benefits are acquired gradually, and, who knows, perhaps you will become the owner of a giant network and your profits will become truly impressive. Try yourself in different areas, because you can do anything: fish, mine gold, collect honey, design cars, cook burgers, build roads in Rome. The exciting world of online strategies is waiting for you on our site!