Welcome to the fascinating world of exotic cuisines, delicious meals and busy restaurant life! This world will unfold in front of you in a variety of Papa’s games that you are going to find on this page. The main character, Papa Louie, is a famous chef who travels around the world and opens restaurants dedicated to certain culinary traditions. Together with him, you will learn to make a perfect pizza, true hamburgers and buffalo wings, amazing sushi and the tastiest desserts!

Become a chef and a restaurant manager at once!

One look at Papa Louie is enough to tell he is a guy with a big heart and a big stomach. He loves cooking and eating, and his whole life is dedicated to exploring various cuisines of the world and offering his own versions of traditional dishes to customers that come to his hangouts. These games will teach you how to cook some of the most popular and delicious foods that exist on earth, and you’ll follow the recipes step-by-step picking the needed ingredients in the fridge, slicing and dicing them properly, mixing them in the right proportions and processing them in various ways to reach the desired result.

To do that, you’ll also need state-of-the-art kitchen equipment. And to afford it, you’ll have to earn money first. That can be done by cooking tasty meals and serving them to your customers on time. You’ll have to keep an eye on the whole process, from accepting orders to stocking the fridge, from flipping steaks before they burn to serving the meals and getting tips. The more satisfied your customers are when they leave the restaurant the more lavishly they will pay and the better your reputation will be. And that means more customers and more profits!

Explore various cuisines and enjoy the cooking process!

Papa’s games are available in a great variety and each is dedicated to some kind of a cuisine. Since Papa Louie is original from Italy, you’ll start by learning to make real Italian pizza. But our character won’t stop at it, he is naturally curious to discover other culinary traditions as well. So you’ll also help him open a burger house, Taco Bell, sushi restaurant, bakery, coffee shop and many other places where people will be able to try his glorified meals. Colorful graphics, detailed cooking process and addicting gameplay, and of course the charming personality of the main character will surely keep you playing for hours!