Squid Game Horror Game

Game description:

Squid Game survival drama made a splash all over the world. Now the first online game inspired by this thrilling series is now available to everyone. It will get you acquainted with this exciting story created by the Netflix studio, including the main character, the Robot Doll. The rules of the game are quite simple –everything will depend on how capable you are to move in special conditions on a wide field. The main task is not to be noticed by armed soldiers who are watching you. You are not alone here, you will see other people on the field, all of them are wearing green suits like you. And the whole crowd is running towards the robot doll. This unpleasant character is protected by several guards armed with guns and pistols who will immediately shoot those participants who have dared to move when the red light turns on.

So you understand the main rule of the gameplay – you can start moving to your target only when you see the green light. When the color of this light changes from green to red, you should stand still. Do not try to fool around the soldiers as you will be killed the very moment you made a wrong step. Besides it, you need to cover this distance within the specified time. You will see a big clock above the tree where you need to arrive. And it counts minutes counterclockwise. It will not be easy to watch how time is running away. If you fail to reach your destination strictly on time, you will lose. And there is a big cash prize at stake. In the upper right corner, you can see how much money you have earned for the whole game. All events unfold in the wide field, but there is not a single chance to escape it. The only solution is to make through your well to a huge doll you see in front of you. Are you brave enough to accept this adventure? If you have seen the series, you know it is not a joke that you can lose your life instantly. But this risk can be generously rewarded. So join the game without hesitation!