Let’s be honest, the way of life most of us lead is far from what we can call healthy. We eat too much junk food, indulge in alcohol and smoking once in a while, forget to wash our hands and to put on our cap on a cold weather despite our mom’s most desperate pleas. But that’s ok, because we believe to be living in a safe environment where the most up-to-date achievements of science and medicine are at our service. The thing we don’t realize is that all of it can change overnight should some deadly virus make an appearance. And this game just proves how fragile our species our.

Pick your apocalypse scenario

Plague Inc will introduce you to a very dangerous person. This man has devoted his entire life to wiping out the very notion of life from the earth surface, as paradoxical as it sounds. He intends to create a bacteria that can infect every last human being on our planet and eventually lead to the extinction of our entire race. Quite gruesome, isn’t it? And yet you are going to help him! For that purpose, you have a whole lab full of various equipment and the most lethal kinds of germs waiting for their time in carefully sorted tubes. Each of these viruses has unique characteristics that can be combined to achieve a truly fatal combination. You are the one to choose the infection pattern and the symptoms. You need to select the location from which you are going to start your doomsday scenario and then track your progress on the interactive map that hangs on the wall. Each infected patient, as well as dead body, will bring you points that you can spend on upgrading your army of bacterias. There are all kinds of diseases you can inflict upon the mankind, from some common plagues to downright fantastic stuff like a zombie virus. Are you eager to begin?

Upgrade your viruses, outsmart the doctors

If you think this is going to be easy and all you have to do is just wait for your plan to work, you’re wrong. Humanity won’t die without fighting back. Once the first symptoms will start to manifest, the doctors will put everyone on alert and make sure the infection doesn’t spread any further. The population, as you well know, gets rather panicky when there are any news about any epidemic outbursts on the TV, so you must be careful not to cause too much paranoia. Better go smooth and disguise your germs as good as you can. You don’t necessarily have to carry out your agenda alone – there are co-op and PvP mode for you to try out. Play Plague Inc online and kill every last person on earth!