Maybe you have already heard of clickers, maybe you haven't. If not, you should definitely check out our site and discover all the perks of this amazing genre! Clickers are a new category of online games that will help you release tension and spend a lot of wonderful minutes. They are very simple and don't require you to spend hours at your computer screen. But they are highly dynamic and absorbing. That's why clickers have grown so popular with all kinds of players. They combine features of different games – adventure and quests, strategies and puzzles. They can include elements of humor and horror, tell you an exciting story or just let you relax and click away without thinking about anything else. Wanna know more? Look through our stunning choice of clickers and pick the one that suits your taste!

Simple and addictive!

Those striving for minimalism and dreaming of playing a game where they won't have to get used to tricky controls will surely appreciate the easiness of this genre. All you need to do to control your character is click your mouse. Of course, clicking can be very different. In some games, you'll be just idly walking around a virtual kitchen clicking on one product or another to add them into a salad. Other games will require lightning-fast reaction and ability to make as many clicks in one minute as possible to kill all the enemies or make your way through an entangled labyrinth at full speed without crashing into a wall. That's up to you to decide. But regardless of your choice, you won't need anything else to play than your mouse – and your finger.

Adventurous or thoughtful – pick your game for today!

There are plenty of things to do for you in clickers. You can set out on a marvelous adventure through spectacular locations in search of legendary treasures. Or simply test your reflexes shooting at flying objects. Or unravel a tricky case collecting evidence and putting pieces of the puzzle together. Those longing for action will have a chance to give some work to their forefinger. And if you prefer calm, unhurried gameplay, you will also find a lot of options to spend a wonderful, relaxing evening. Some clickers are short, one gaming session doesn't take more than five minutes. Others can keep you occupied for hours. It all depends on your tastes and preferences. But anyway, you are guaranteed to have a riveting time playing our amazing collection of clickers online!