Ice Scream Horror games will invite you on a fascinating detective quest that will challenge you to discover your lost friends. They are trapped by the evil ice cream man riding around the neighborhood in his van and catching careless children. You have to get inside it and follow the maniac to find out where he keeps your pals!

A danger nobody was waiting for

The life of this small town was changed forever when a white ice cream van appeared on its streets. A friendly man appeared from the window with a wide smile on his face. He invited the kids to try the latest flavors and attracted crowds of hungry-eyed kids. But then no one suspected what danger came to them in the neighborhood. This ice cream man turned out to be a real maniac! You yourself saw how he froze your friend, who came to buy an Eskimo, and loaded it into the van.

What to do, how to cope with an insidious killer? Perhaps your friends are still alive, and you can somehow save them? You can only find out in one way – by climbing inside the van making sure the ice cream man doesn’t see you, and finding out what he is doing with his victims. Be careful and don’t get caught by him! Hide well in the car and see where the antagonist is about to drive. It’s there you should start your search from!

Can you deal with the ice cream man?

Ice Scream Horror walkthrough is a mixture of stealth and puzzle solving. At each location that you can visit by going there in an ice cream van (there will be a map on the wall, you just have to choose a destination), you need to find a certain item. If you decide to replay the game, this thing will be waiting for you in a completely different place on the map. This adds interest and variety, because every time will be like a new one for you.

The game has three difficulty modes. The easiest one is introductory, here the ice cream maker does not see you at all and you can walk freely under his very nose. The second is normal, more or less experienced players can play the game on it. And finally, the third one, hardcore, is intended for those who want the most difficult gameplay and isn’t afraid of a challenge. We recommend switching to this mode only after gaining experience and skill. Overall, Ice Scream Horror is a fun and addictive game that fans of this genre will surely enjoy. Go rescue your friends from the hands of an insidious ice cream maker and see if you can cope with this dangerous enemy!