Fire and water seem to be incompatible. But when they find a way to work together, they can do miracles. You’ll make sure of it playing Fireboy and Watergirl! These two characters are so different, yet they never fall apart. It’s no wonder, because they share the same love for adventures. And thanks to their unique skills, they can help each other even in the most dangerous and hopeless situations. These games are not only highly thrilling and challenging, but also great for playing with a friend. Are you ready to find out more?

Join powers to win!

Fireboy and Watergirl games are one of the most popular puzzle arcades in the world. Their main feature is that the heroes need to act as a team to cope with all the trials. They just won’t be able to do anything if they split up! Victory is only achievable if they unite their powers. This teachers the players to join their efforts and reach a common goal. One of you will be playing as Fireboy and the other as Watergirl. Each of the characters has their special abilities and weak spots. For example, Watergirl can safely walk through water pools, but touching fire will be deadly for her. On the other hand, Fireboy isn’t threatened by lava pits, but can’t go anywhere near water. In case of danger, they can also form energy balls and throw them at their enemies to protect themselves. But not all of the games will confront you with monsters, most of them can be passed in a calm and unhurried pace, taking your time to come up with the best way to solve all the puzzles!

Overcome traps, look for crystals!

Our heroes are fascinated with ancient temples and spend their time exploring age-old ruins in search of legendary treasures. Every location is an entanglement of mazes full of secrets and surprises. To get to the crystals scattered around the map, you’ll have to demonstrate exclusive agility, resourcefulness and of course teamwork. Your way will be strewn with various obstacles and cunning traps that are not so easy to get through. Jump between the platforms, avoid pits and spikes and look for hidden switches to open access to another room with a twinkling gem waiting for you behind the door. Note that the heroes can only collect crystals of certain color: Fireboy is able to pick up red ones and blue ones have to be gathered by Watergirl. That adds yet another difficulty to the gameplay, but also makes it more fascinating. Join the searches of the inseparable duo and plunge into the kaleidoscope of amazing adventures!