Everyone likes to enjoy a tasty, well-cooked and beautifully served meal somewhere at a cafe, restaurant or simply at home. But not so many people are so fond of cooking. That’s because cooking comes with so many challenges. First, you need to pick a recipe from zillions available in the web. Then you need to go shopping for products. Then comes the messy part – all the skinning and chopping and mixing and frying… That makes a pile of dirty dishes and when you’re finally done, you may just be too tried to clean up. Plus there are no guarantees that you won’t do something wrong and the special meal you were working so hard to cook won’t burn in the oven. Just imagine the degree of frustration a beginner may experience after the first few failures. This is enough to discourage some sensitive people from ever trying to cook again. But don’t worry, with our cooking games you’ll feel a taste for culinary again!

Learn cooking in a fun and easy way!

This category contains games that emulate the process of cooking, just as if it was happening in your kitchen. Only instead of real dishes and products you have their virtual analogues. Although it does simplify the process, there is just as much responsibility here. You need to strictly follow the recipe, measure the right amounts of ingredients and combine them correctly to get the desired result. Slicing and chopping with a virtual knife is no less complicated than doing it with a real one, maybe even more because you’ll have to get the hang of the controls first. You need to mix the products up to the point where they reach the right consistency and keep an eye on the timer when you fry, boil, bake and perform any other operations. The mistakes you might have made in your kitchen will have just the same consequences here, so you’d better do everything carefully if you don’t want to spoil the meal. The only thing that will comfort you if you do, though, is that you won’t have to wash the dishes and scramble off burnt fat from your frying pan – one click is enough for your virtual cooking space to become clean and shiny as new!

Unlock new recipes, open a restaurant, become a chef!

Cooking games are interesting and fun. Here you can learn various recipes that you can repeat in real life and even come up with your own ones experimenting with the ingredients. You can open your own pizza house or Japanese restaurant and surprise your customers with amazing culinary masterpieces. Discover the fabulous world of virtual cooking online and see for yourself that it’s not so complicated after all!