Playing against the computer is challenging only while you’re new to a game. When you get the hang of all the subtleties, it becomes boring. Even with several levels of difficulty, the AI follows a certain algorithm and at a certain moment you are already able to predict what to expect from your enemies. Let’s agree, that’s where all the fun goes away. It’s quite another thing to play with real people! Every brain is unique and there are thousands of ways your opponent can behave in different situations. The confrontation becomes less foreseeable and therefore more exciting. If that’s the kind of virtual thrill you’re looking for, you should definitely check out a wide collection of multiplayer games on our site!

Fight and win

The very name of the category hints that these games can be played by several people simultaneously. The number of participants can vary from just a few to hundreds depending on the genre. If you enjoy a good fight, you should definitely check out one of the many MMORPGs that will set you up against a crowd of enemies with one single goal – remain the last survivor on the map. You’ll be able to pick any suitable weapons from those scattered throughout the location and use them tactically to eliminate your opponents. But don’t hope that can just sit out in a safe place until everyone kills each other. Participating in a match like this is highly exciting because everything happens in real time and the course of the battle can change any second.

Different genres and scenarios

Another popular genre of multiplayer games is tower defense. Here you need to build and fortify your castle against your enemies. Preparing for an upcoming fight, you have to arrange your units on the battle field so as to gain a strategic advantage over your opponent. The objective is to destroy their base while protecting yours. You will be able to give orders to your troops, use various kinds of potions and spells and send in reinforcements. Victory will bring you valuable trophies, cards with new units and other useful bonuses.

Finally, you can also try your hand at one of the numerous IO games. This is a separate gaming category where you typically have to collect resources on the map and grow in size and power to attack your opponents. Play as a gluttonous snake, choose your evolutionary path, participate in heated tank battles, survive in a zombie-crawling forest and do plenty of other fascinating stuff in our multiplayer games!