If there is a video game instantly recognizable by almost anyone in the world, even those who haven’t played it, it’s Pacman. What appeared decades ago as a primitive scattering of pixels has eventually grown into the icon of retro gaming. And even now, after so many years, Pacman is still alive and well, and has even moved from vending machines and consoles to PCs and smartphones! This section contains Pacman games that you can play online experiencing the sweet feeling of nostalgia!

Collect the dots and pass the levels!

The gameplay of Pacman is well familiar to almost everyone who had a console as a kid. There is a maze consisting of randomly placed walls. There are dots scattered along the passages between them. And there is a yellow head moving around that maze and collecting those dots. The one and only condition of passing the level is to pick up all the dots leaving none behind. You can’t exit the level if there is even a single dot flickering somewhere in the corner of the screen. So you have to return for it and pick it up, even at the risk of being killed.

Yes, such a risk also exists. Because there are also monsters that roam the labyrinth moving at random until they spot you. Then they will quite purposefully change their trajectory to chase you. And will be doing so until you get out of their sight. So it’s in your best interest to stay as far from them as possible. If the monster runs you down, it’ll be minus one life for you. And the number of these lives is limited. So be careful!

Beware of monsters and don’t ignore bonuses!

Aside from regular dots, Pacman levels also contain bonuses giving you various perks. For instance, there is a bonus that makes you invisible for the monsters. Or one that prevents them from doing any harm to you, even if you run into them. There are bonuses that speed you up and even give you a monster Pacman boost allowing you to go around killing those very monsters that were threatening you some seconds ago.

Despite its utter simplicity and primitive graphical side, Pacman remains one of the favorite games for many players. It’s associated with careless childhood or teen years, with all those retro gaming attributes and customs each of us had back then, and with the glorious epoch of the very first arcades that seemed some kind of a miracle, no matter how unpretentious they were. Play different versions of Pacman online and go back in time!