Do you like horrors with a tint of creepy innocence and retro ambience to them? Then welcome to Bendy And The Ink Machine! Here you will be playing as a famous cartoon artist who returns to the studio where he used to work years ago only to find that the whole staff is missing and his creations have come alive and gone evil. Now you have to explore the place, figure out what happened here and try to survive in this ink nightmare!

What happened at the cartoon studio?..

It all started one day that didn’t promise anything exceptional. The main hero was looking through his mailbox when he discovered a letter from his former employer. The animation studio he built a stunning career at long ago was asking him back to continue working on the iconic cartoon series about Bendy which was apparently supposed to get a reboot. So our character gladly packed his album and pencils, and set out for the studio. Imagine his shock when he found the place totally abandoned, with nobody inside and no signs that there had been any people here for quite a long time. Walking among rows of desks, wandering from one room to another, he started collecting any evidence he could get to put all the pieces together and get to the bottom of the strange events that led to this. What he found out was rather disturbing and very creepy!

Bendy is after you! Beware!

The thing is, the studio’s CI got fascinated with dark magic. During one of his latest rituals, something went awry, and the ink machine standing in the studio came to life. It began producing drawings of Bendy and other cartoon characters the studio has created and launched on the big screen. However, those were not the friendly and cheerful heroes loved by the kids all over the country, but their evil versions. Now they are hunting our artist as well, and you have to help him get out before it’s too late!

Walk around the building, look into every nook and cranny, grab on to the tiniest bit of information you can find. You’ll have to show your logic, ingenuity and presence of spirit walking these eerie halls and searching dimly lit rooms, solving puzzles and figuring out how to use the objects you pick up. And all this time, you’ll be chased by Bendy! He can attack any moment, so stay on your guard and be ready to take action without panicking. Plunge into this surreal horror adventure and see if you can escape Bendy’s grip!