Christmas is coming soon! Sitting cozily at home, away from all the fuss and stress, you can finally take a break and do the things you enjoy – for instance, play online games. And not just any games, but Christmas puzzles! After all, in our daily life we don't have that lot of opportunities to develop our intelligence. We follow the same routine day by day and our brain gets used to certain types of tasks becoming completely untrained in other areas. If you want your logic and ingenuity to remain as sharp as in your best years, you should dedicate some time to keeping your mental abilities fit. And our Christmas puzzle games is a perfect way to do it, all while getting your share of festive mood!

Fun holiday challenge

Solving puzzles isn't that simple. You need to have a special frame of mind for that. But luckily, this skill can be quickly trained if you do it on a regular basis. Why don't you start right now? Besides, these are not just any puzzles – they are all dedicated to Christmas! You are going to find solutions to various types of tasks and riddles with winter themes and imagery. You'll see mahjong tiles with Santa and his deers, cutely packed presents and lovely fur tree toys, red and green socks hanging by the chimney. Coupling them is much more pleasant and interesting when you're waiting for Christmas to arrive! Three-in-a-row games are also designed to remind you of this amazing holiday. The action unfolds in snow-covered woods and villages, even as far as the North Pole. Instead of chips, you'll be lining up beautiful snowflakes and shiny ice crystals. When they explode, you'll see colorful fireworks like the eagerly expected night is already there! You will also be helped by your favorite winter characters – snowmen, reindeer, elves and of course Santa himself. He will be happy to help you out of a tricky fix by throwing down a heavy box out of his sack that will break a particularly stubborn line. The gameplay is accompanied by cheerful music that will once again lift your spirits and turn the process of solving a puzzle into an enjoyable entertainment!

Celebrate Christmas smartly!

Don't let your brain stay idle this Christmas. Give yourself an intellectual workout surrounded by the sounds of jingling bells and a vibrant scattering of festive symbols in our wonderful Christmas puzzle games! Logic doesn't necessarily mean boring – it can be so much fun, especially on such a great holiday!