There are so many things to do in this world! Unfortunately, we don’t always have time or opportunity to try what we want. That can be fixed with simulator games! These online entertainments precisely copying a certain activity will give you a rare chance to have a shot at something you’ve never done before. This is a whole new world that’s open for you to explore. Sports, business, military simulators will offer plenty of options to spend your free time and maybe even learn something new and useful.

Just like in real life

Simulators are one of the most interesting and unusual game genres. They allow every boy and girl to put on various roles. A single mouse click can put you behind the wheel of a truck or plane that you should control very carefully to transport the cargo or passengers safely to the destination point and avoid accidents. Driving simulators are especially popular since they give the player an opportunity to learn traffic rules, nuances of car controls and parking even without having a car. There are various missions to complete emulating realistic situations on the road. So after playing such a game, you’ll get familiar with all possible challenges and will know what to do if you have trouble while driving a real car.

Try anything you wanted

Another widespread category of these games is cooking simulators. If you are interested in cooking, but don’t have time to do it or simply don’t want to make a mess of your kitchen, you can make up for it online. Prepare all sorts of dishes combining ingredients in the right way or even open your own restaurant and turn it into the most visited hangout! Running a business like that isn’t easy, you’ll have to make sure the orders get to the customers in time, expand your menu with new recipes to attract gourmets from all over the city, hire managers and waiters and spend part of your income on upgrading kitchen equipment. By the way, you can also become a director of a large supermarket, powerful factory or amusement park.

How about becoming a doctor, running tricky surgeries and saving lives? Maybe you always wondered what it’s like to be a wild animal? Now you can look at the world with the eyes of a bird, cat, fox or deer. Skateboarding, surfing, horse riding, bodybuilding, babysitting – there are all sorts of online simulators on our site to try. Just think of what’s most interesting for you – and go ahead!