Travel across the cities of Europe behind the wheel of a large and mighty truck! If you are fond of driving simulators, then you just cannot miss these incredible series. In the Euro Truck Simulator games you will find yourself in the best simulator among all! Everything is great here, from the story to the graphics. So in each part of the game, you are going to play for a truck driver, a person, who has a very crucial duty. You transport objects and items from one place to another and your aim is to do it safely and fast. You have to move from one point to another, making your uneasy way to the final destination. Sometimes, this won’t be that simple – the roads can be different and various dangers await you on the way. Keep yourself and your items safe! The map is diverse and wide. You will go through different European cities, visiting such countries as Germany, Italy, France, and more.

The most incredible thing about the game is that all the cities are drawn in a very realistic manner and you will literally recognize the places you are going through! Yes, the game developers were very attentive and precise when depicting the well-known places, so you will have a feeling that a worldwide travelling on a truck is something you take part in. Due to the high level of detail and realistic graphics, the simulator works perfectly. What is more, the driving process is so near to the real-life experience that you will get excited for sure. The physics and controls are hard to distinguish from real driving! If you have never tried to sit behind the wheel of a truck, then this is your chance to do so! Great news – there are different trucks you can try out. Various models of vehicles have different characteristics and you can choose the one that suits you better than all the rest. But you should try them all before you make a choice – there are dozens of them, so the choice won’t be that easy.

Once you have made your choice, you are welcome to sit inside of your favorite cool truck! Just don’t forget that not only you can choose one of the collection, but you can also make it look more personalized. Use numerous customization options to change the colors, add new details, improve the technical characteristics, and more. The number of options here is infinite, so you will get a really unique car that suits your personal needs and looks the way you want it to look! That’s your great chance to create and ride a truck of your dream. The series include a number of games and we have uploaded them all to this section, so you are most welcome to enjoy them for free! Try now and have a good ride!