If surviving quests and wild stories make you excited, then Don’t Starve series were created especially for you. In the first part, you will play for a guy who didn’t know about the dangers, thirst, and hunger. Now he is in the strange world he wants to investigate, the world full of usual laws of physics and magic. This place is not very friendly – creatures that live here are hostile and the conditions are extremely tough. As a player, you won’t have any particular aims but survival. The game doesn’t have an end – you just need to stay alive. The more days you can handle, the better. You will open a really interesting but very uncomfortable world, still you will be able to gather materials and create different tools and shelters. Make fire to get warm and prepare some food, build yourself a small house to hide from enemies and weather, create weapons and instruments – do everything that will increase your chances to stay alive. Here the game doesn’t require to act in a specific way or follow a plot – you make choices on your own and you decide how to act. You don’t get instructions or help – the game leaves you alone with no clue about what to do. Use your logical thinking skills!
The second part of the game is more communicative than the first one. Here you will have a chance to survive with your friends and share the hard times. One of the core differences is that the second part has more conditions that influence characters’ state. For example, you will have to deal with cold and hot weather creating special fireplaces. The map here is enormous and you won’t be able to see its edges even if you will run around forever. You can play in a cooperative regime and help each other to survive. However, at the same time, you can choose a competitive way of communication. In the first case, you will gather resources together and take care of one another. In the second one you will fight for resources and try to live longer than your opponent. The world here is well-thought, perfectly-drawn, and nearly endless. What is more, comparing to the first part of Don’t Starve, the second one is much more complicated. The cooperation mode will make you think carefully about the resources and ways to get them – you will have to create more farms, plant the bushes, and hunt not to die from hunger. When the winter comes, your bushes will stop producing food and the rivers will be covered with ice, so you won’t be able to catch fish that easy. We guarantee that the cold time will make an impression on you!