Everyone has probably played bowling at least once in their life. And for some, it’s nothing short of a hobby. However, it’s not always convenient, especially if the nearest bowling club is somewhat far away from your home. If you have no time to play real bowling, this amazing category of games will help you relax and have fun doing what you like most – rolling the balls and hitting the pins, all while sitting cozily in your chair. So, are you up for some blowing today? Then launch one of our amazing blowing games and knock yourself out!

Roll the ball, knock the pins!

Bowling is a sports game where you need to knock over a set of pins with the fewest ball throws possible. The pins are aligned at the end of the track, there are usually ten of them. Every player has two attempts for hopefully bringing down all the pins. But unless you have sufficient skill – or you are incredibly lucky – it’s pretty hard to do. Some professionals can hit all ten of the pins with one ample shot. In that case, their points are doubled. Generally you get one point for each pin you managed to knock. The match continues for a certain number of turns, at the end all of the points are summed up and the winner is determined. These are the rules of classic bowling and they also apply to the virtual one. But don’t worry, even if you can’t play it that well, our great bowling games won’t require any particular experience or excellent physical shape. You can start discovering the possibilities of perfectly detailed bowling simulators with realistic physics right now, even if you never played it before!

Polish your skills, compete with other players!

There are all kinds of virtual bowling for you to try. Some of these games look just like the real thing, some add extra elements like special moves and parameter boosts. But all of them will definitely appeal to you with their colorful visuals and exciting gameplay. Rolling a ball down a virtual track is not that easy, though. Just like in real life, you have to aim and apply the right amount of strength for the desired result. With time, you can gain great control of the ball and will be able to throw it just right for a maximum score. After you practice a bit, you can try your hand at various contests and tournaments regularly running on the servers. After all, competing with other players is the best way to find out how good your bowling skills actually are. Find out more about our marvelous bowling games playing them online!