The space flight is waiting for you. Before you make the step on the board of your ship, there is a need to check if everything works properly and bring things to order. However, during the preparations, it becomes clear that your team of astronauts is dubious and cracked into two parts. Some of you are working honestly to prepare the ship for a successful flight, while the others seem to be here to spoil everything and even kill the rest of the command. The opposition of betrayals and astronauts starts now… And you are invited to join this epic adventure in the outer space!

The dark or the light side?

The game Among Us tells the story of a space crew, divided into two parts – astronauts and impostors. The first team is focused on constrictive tasks and puzzle solving that will help them set the ship into the flight. The second team is here to ruin everything. The game is perfect when you play it in a company of friends, where the minimal amount of players is 4 and the maximal is 10.
Before the game starts, each of you will get the role and you are going to play for an impostor or astronaut. But the roles assignment happens secretly, so nobody else but you will be aware of your true nature. The “good” astronauts will work to finish the flying preparations, while the “bad” ones will sabotage and break the plans. There are different ways for the betrayals to ruin everything. They can spoil the equipment and even kill the members of another team. The “good” astronauts will try to find out who are they.

Voting and suspense

Whenever one of the astronauts is being killed by a betrayal, the others find his/her corpse on the board. At this moment, you can encourage voting to express your suggestions about the guilty one. The person who gets maximal amount of votes gets punished. The rest of the team will throw him/her to the outer space, ocean of lava, or any other killing substance, regarding the map you play on. When you are killed, the game doesn’t end! You can continue playing as a spirit and solve puzzles or do some nasty tricks. The only thing you cannot do is voting (and communication with the rest of the team). Each player can vote for anyone and even for himself. The game ends when one team wins. This happens when the astronauts find all the killers or when the latter ones murder enough astronauts. Also, if the amount of astronauts and impostors become equal, the enemies win as well.