The world of online games is very diverse and exciting and you’ve surely tried almost everything out there. You’ve found your way out of the toughest battles, won all the medals in sports, learned to act in dangerous situations and participated in a number of thrilling adventures. It’s hard to scare you with creepy monsters or blood. There are tons of mined gold and caught fish, thousands of murdered enemies and built cities on your list. You are a business professional and an experienced cosmonaut. But how often have you found yourself in a voluminous space where you can see the image from different angles? Believe us, everything you saw before is a weak imitation of Kogama games!

Choose any entertainment to your taste

The peculiarity of this sandbox platform is the graphics, particularly its geometry. Everything here is made out of cubes. Even characters have square heads and bodies. However, that doesn’t prevent them from performing great deeds! The whole environment is very colorful and pleasant even simply to look at. Concerning the gameplay, you won’t be short of options. There are plenty of things you can do in this bright world – run, jump, race, dive, fight and overcome obstacles. If you like difficulties, Kogama games will supply you with them in abundance. Besides new heroes, you will also meet those you already know. It will definitely be interesting to see what happens to them in this eventful pixelated world!

Perform tough missions and have fun in the virtual world

The life of other characters is no less exciting. Imagine that you have to jump out of the plane with a parachute and avoid breaking all of your bones. This is the first thing you need to do to complete the mission. It’s fine that you landed into the water, but where has it come from? It turned out this is a drowned city and you have no scuba diving suit. Exploring its water-filled streets, don’t forget to swim to the surface for a gulp of air or you’ll drown as well. Another quest will be no less fascinating and important. You’ll have to build fortifications and bridges from blocks to overcome a river or protect the city from an army of invaders. You’ll be surrounded by enemies and traps, so prepare for some action! Each of the levels will require good reflexes, agility and tactical thinking. To pass all the trials, you need to be fully concentrated. But some activities in Kogama games are not so intense and quite pleasant. When the most responsible work is done, you can relax going to the zoo or taking the dizziest rides in the virtual amusement park. Play Kogama games online on our site and discover all the joys of this adventure-packed gaming platform!