Our everyday life isn’t very rich in adventures. We all spend our day following a usual route – waking up, going to school or work, coming back home, having just a few hours of leisure and going to bed. Not very exciting. That’s why we try to make up for this lack of fresh impressions and absorbing events with the help of computer games. They allows us to realize our most daring, unimaginable dreams. Conquering the distant corners of space, setting out on unpredictable sea trips, searching for long-lost treasures, learning cool spells and doing magic! With our online adventure games, you will never get bored again. Just pick one that calls out to you – and prepare for an amazing journey into a faraway land where something interesting always happens and there is a lot of job for a real hero!

Lots of action and plenty of emotions!

Adventure games are a vast category of the gaming market that keeps offering new, exciting and surprising projects every single day. If you chose this page of our site, get ready to meet pirates, space rangers, monsters and villains, explorers and voyagers, princesses and dragons. To overcome all the trials and reach your goal, you are going to need good reflexes, finger agility and quick reaction. You have to take care about your hero’s equipment and abilities so that you can kill your enemies with one apt move. But sometimes even the most powerful weapon won’t save you – you also need logic, tactical thinking and ingenuity. Don’t believe those who say that playing online games is a meaningless pastime because it’s too easy and doesn’t influence any of your skills. That’s not true! Combining coordination and brainwork, you can achieve impressive results and beat even the toughest levels!

Set out on a virtual adventure right now!

The genres of adventure games can be very different. Yes, there is always an eventful story and a good deal of thrill, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your portion of adventures in a relaxed, unhurried manner. Based on your preferences, you can choose a quick-paced platformer, adrenaline-packed runner, spectacular shooter – or a calm point-and-click game, daring puzzle, three-in-a-row where you don’t have to fight anyone. Regardless of the genre you select, you are sure to get intense emotions and have a lot of fun! Play our incredible games on your own or with friends and enjoy the marvelous world of adventures online!