Imagine that cars are actually alive! They can think and take decisions, they have emotions and feelings. And they are very hungry! This wacky world of wheeled monsters will keep you busy for a long time. Can you finish the race without getting swallowed by some gluttonous truck? We're going to find out playing Car Eats Car online!

Drive faster, fight harder!

The action unfolds in an imaginary realm where cars are driving down streets and highways looking for a victim to feed on. Nobody you're going to meet here can be called a friend. If you lose vigilance, chances are high you'll be killed right on the spot. So whenever you see a cloud of dust signaling that someone is nearing, run for your life – or take up the fight! The game requires you to have good driving skills. You need to control your car with great agility maneuvering between various objects that will pop up on your path when you least expect them. Crushing into a fence or spiraling off road will be rather bitter, so make sure you're fully focused on what's going on right now.

Many locations are available for investigation, each them is different from the other. That means every time you'll need to slightly change your tactics while running away from your opponents so as not to be caught. You are going to face various obstacles on the way to the finish line, which you can overcome faster by collecting accelerators for a quick ride. There are also gems that have to be collected in order to get a maximum amount of points. Of course, you shouldn't go for another diamonds shining in front of you if your life is at risk that moment. It's always better to stay alive than carrying home a trunk full of jewelry!

Plenty of cars, amazing races!

As you show high results and pass level after level, you'll gain access to new maps and new cars. The further you proceed the better parameters you can count on. You can even build up a whole collection of vehicles with different characteristics – some of the faster, some more powerful and others better to control. Gather your favorite predatory cars in the garage and drive any of them on a dangerous track with plenty of hindrances you need to get through!

Car Eats Car is an entire series of races with new opportunities to try and different stories to follow. You'll get to know the main hero, a little red car, and find out what his life is like. And of course take part in his incredible racing adventures! Start playing Car Eats Car right now and enjoy your ride!