FNF Squid Game

Game description:

You know well that our favorite characters from Friday Night Funkin have already enough experience with all possible opponents in rap battles. Some of them are quite friendly while others are not so easy to outperform. But something unexpected awaits you in this new mod. The developers got inspired by the scandal Squid Game, and now you will confront its dangerous characters. You will surely agree that it is not a joke at all to defeat armed soldiers even if we talk only about a music battle. Moreover, all your enemies are dressed in red outfits and hold pistols and guns in their hands. This detail only adds up some alert to the situation. It is clear enough that Boyfriend cannot pick up who will compete with since his feelings and relationships are at stake. No matter how frightened the main character may be, he must enter into an unequal battle.
Despite all these dangers around, the soundtracks in this mod are not so difficult. And with your help, Boyfriend has nothing to worry about. If you are a true fan of the FNF game, you do not need any hints. You know well you should precisely follow and repeat the rhythm of the music you have not heard before. For this, you need to press the arrows you see on the screen matching the notes of every song. Overall, there will be three new songs here. The main hero’s mission is pretty simple – from the moment the music starts playing, he will have to dance and sing so well that he will win this confrontation before the robot doll returns. The music in this mod is inspired by the famous song Red Light, Green Light. If Boyfriends does not win this battle he risks losing his life by being shot. It may sound really dangerous for beginners, so they need to train well before heading to the music arena. Share this responsibility with the guy as you also have gained good experience in previous rap fights. Together you have more chances to win again. Throw away all doubts and start this entertainment. No matter how difficult everything may seem to you right now, be sure you will have lots of fun in this game. Join it now!