Are you ready to burn some rubber? Then get into the amazing world of driving and racing! The titles where you need to control a vehicle, whether trying to get to the finish faster than anyone else or playing any kind of a simulator, have incredibly long history. Some gamers love speed and this is not surprising – adrenaline and energy is one of the main things we play games for. When it comes to driving titles, the fantasy of developers usually has no limits. You can feel yourself as a bandit, covered with tattoos, wearing sunglasses, and ready to give a good lesson to anyone, who tries to trick with you. On the other hand, you can play for a man of law, a policeman, chasing the robbers or criminals around the city. What about becoming an android with a special mission on planet Earth? You will ride a car and pretend to be one of those humans. Of maybe you can make a trip somewhere to the distant place to stay on your own for a while. Anything can happen, when it comes to video games! As for the simulators, you can always feel yourself as a truck or bus driver and find out how does it feel to be a long-haul trucker without ever becoming one in a real life (we bet, you are not very excited with an opportunity of that kind, so digital adventures are enough). Have you always wanted to try yourself as a farmer on a field engine? You are welcome! Get the crops and make your beautiful household flourish.

Racing and driving titles appeared in 1970, so with more than 40 years of existence, this genre has produced an amazing variety of titles. And guess what, they never get old and are still incredibly popular. High speeds and extreme is something very appealing, no matter if you are a child or an adult. The sense of competition is also amazing, no matter if you are playing with your fellows, PC, or online players. We have gathered a great number of titles and they are so different and exciting, that anyone will surely find the one he likes. You can drive a car, a bike, a boat, a truck or any other machine you want! We have collected a pretty long list of them, which includes small mobile entertainments and large and realistic ones. You will ride a car on the streets of the city, discover deserts and forests, and even other planets! Make your way through the challenges and obstacles and reach the goal! Thousands of various titles are available, so you can choose any of them and switch to another one at any time.