Ms.Lemons Games

Do you think you’re so good at solving all sorts of riddles and puzzles? Ms. Lemons is here to check it out! She’ll take you through some really mind-bending tasks that you need to deal with in order to gain points and avoid a mortal danger. What kind of danger? Start playing to find out!

These tasks will make you feel like a squeezed lemon!

Ms. Lemons is a mysterious and strange character. This lady looks like your average teacher, but she’s got a sour twist to her. She’s a lemon through and through, with glasses perched on her face and a scowl that could curdle milk. And just before you start wondering who she is and why she looks like that, she is producing the very first riddle for you to rake your brains over.

That’s right, she’s got a whole bunch of tasks for you to solve on that blackboard of hers. Some are simple arithmetic problems, but watch out, she’s got tricky logical riddles that’ll make your head spin. One minute you’ll be counting lemons, the next you’ll be trying to figure out the meaning of life! And as you move through the levels, these little tasks of hers will become more and more difficult. She might even cover parts of them with pieces of paper to confuse you even more! Try not to fall for her tricks and keep thinking logically, then you will definitely find the answer!

Avoid Ms. Lemons’ anger and stock up on useful stuff just in case!

But here’s the catch, Ms. Lemons has something called an irritation meter. You can see it in the top corner – it crawls up every time you make a mistake. And if you make too many, she won’t be able to keep down her anger anymore and you will see the bad side of her. She’ll transform into a dreadful monster, going all red and dripping blood from her fangs, and challenge you to solve three more tasks or die! It’s like a classroom turned deadly game show!

Luckily, there are various items and upgrades you can buy in the store for stars earned from solving those tasks. Need some extra time to solve a problem? Grab a time boost. Want to eliminate a wrong answer? Use the elimination item. You can even buy a protective shield to guard against Lemon Lady’s deadly transformations.

So get ready for the ultimate classroom challenge. Can you solve Ms. Lemons’ tasks and survive her wrath? Or will you become another victim of her terrifying monster form? Get your thinking cap on, it’s time to hit the blackboard and show this lemon who’s the boss!