Today almost every person who plays computer games has an experience of using cheats. This is a magic want for all gamers. But as much as we wave it once and again, few people actually know what cheats are and what they were made for. We are ready to fill that blank and offer you a great collection of cheats for your favorite games!

From test run to real fun

You’ll be surprised to find out that cheats are created by game developers to make the process of testing easier. Imagine a situation: you need to test a boss on some location. Without cheat codes, the tester would have had to launch the game and pass it through up to that very boss. And what if the boss is final? Cheats, on the other hand, allow the team to shorten this time tremendously and get straight to the needed element of the game. It’s only later that cheat codes have reached the other end of the tunnel – gamers.

Cheats gives us, players, certain advantages providing us with features and capabilities that are beyond the standard gameplay. They can make the game either simpler or on the contrary tougher. It all depends on your goal. You can add unlimited money to save time or get extra emotions by reducing some of your character’s parameters. You can expand in-game content and options to gain new, previously unavailable experience. Even small details that don’t really influence the gaming mechanics – like character or car skins – can make the whole process much more enjoyable for you. Try it – and you’ll see for yourself!

Any cheat for any need

Our site contains an amazing selection of cheats for the most popular titles. We have all the secrets and means to get as much pleasure as possible from the gameplay. All cheats here are checked for viruses, so you can use them without fear to infect your computer. There is a full set of commands players are interested in. Each cheat contains an extensive description of how to use them and what you can expect from it. Wanna increase your firepower and try out some new weapons? You’re welcome! Tired of same old maps and quests? Here are totally fresh ones! Feel like your virtual wardrobe is too scarce and want to throw in a couple of last-season models? There you go! New characters, locations, tools, modes, plenty of other content and features are waiting for you to make your choice. Diversify your gaming routine and expand your potential by giving a shot to one of our awesome cheats!