Two first people on Earth, Adam and Eve, welcome you to take part in numerous bright journeys and unforgettable adventures. Most of them happen when Adam, a funny and a bit clumsy guy, has a new idea or obsession. He gets into troubles all the time and this is the main characteristic of this man. Sometimes, he just wants to make his way through the land filled with dinosaurs and predators, the other times he looks for the gift for Eve in near the active volcano, and more. The series of games are funny and a bit ridiculous point-to-click puzzles, where cute pre-historic characters have to deal with the hostile environment and you are the one to help them avoid troubles.

Hel the real trouble-maker Adam

In each game, you control Adam, who wants to make his way through a dangerous place. He has been exiled from heaven and now looks for the way to get back there and meet his beloved woman Eve. Every time, he starts a really complicated journey where everything can happen. There are numerous things on his way that can not only slow Adam down, but also hurt and even kill him. These are endless puzzles that appear here and there and Adam has no opportunity to move further until he deals with them. Luckily, he is not alone and you are here to help. Don’t you abandon Adam when the trouble is happening – apply all of your logical and puzzle-solving skills to assist this guy. You will solve puzzles to let Adam move forward safely and reach his aim without being lots and hurt. During each journey with him, you will have a chance to observe and enjoy numerous fantastic worlds. Most of them are pre-historic, which means that you will meet dinosaurs and various strange reptiles. However, there are more worlds to discover. For example, in one of the latest games from the series, there a spooky title, where sleepwalking Adam wanders around the lands of Transylvania, inhabited by vampires and other filth.

Enjoy the impressive collection

Check our collection of Adam and Eve games – we have gathered a whole list of them. On this page, you will find all existing parts of this series, including the first classical ones and the freshest chapters. Each game is available online and for free – you are welcome to launch it from your browser on a computer or a mobile device, like tablet and smartphone. Have fun with Adam and Eve – find the best way to assist Adam stay alive until he reaches his aims! Be attentive and careful – you will become his eyes and feet for a while! Hurry up and choose the game from the series now. Don’t forget to check the rest if you have never played them before – we guarantee that you will enjoy all the chapters!