Peppa Pig games will give you a chance to get to know your favorite cartoon heroine better and spend a great time with her in the bright virtual world! Together, you are going to have a lot of fun doing various things, playing games, hanging out with other characters from the animated series and learning interesting stuff.

From TV to PC

There is probably no such person who hasn’t heard of Peppa Pig. This is a popular cartoon that runs on the TV and is watched by millions of kids. In the center of the plot is a five-year-old pig who has fun, goes to kindergarten, spends time with her family. She loves dressing up, joking and playing with her peers. The main character lives with her relatives: mom Pig, dad Pig and younger brother George. Other regular heroes include Susie the sheep, Peppa’s grandparents, friends of her three-year-old brother. The heroine often laughs at her daddy’s tummy, walks with George and takes care of her goldfish.

All members of the large family are endowed with human qualities. Peppa Pig characters eat breakfast at the table, brush their teeth, sleep in beds, work, drive a car, and wear clothes. The favorite pastime of the heroine and the whole family is swimming in muddy puddles and traveling. Each five-minute episode is a separate complete story that tells the kids about events that are familiar to many of them: the first tooth that fell out, going to the doctor, cleaning the room, riding a steamer. Together with the main characters of the series, children learn to be friends, help each other, take care of themselves and those who need their help.

Have fun with Peppa!

If you are a fan of this cartoon, then you will definitely enjoy a wide variety of Peppa Pig games available on our site! They will invite you to a colorful world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals who have their own concerns and sometimes get into tough situations. To deal with all these problems, that need your assistance, and you will surely help your favorite heroes out! In the process, little kids can learn more about counting, reading and so on. All these skills will come in handy for them when they go to school.

It’s always fun to participate in the entertainments and adventures of Peppa and her friends. She never sits still and will easily find some activity to enjoy if she has nothing to do. Together you definitely won’t be bored! Start playing Peppa Pig games right now and have a wonderful time!