Minecraft is a virtual world where everything is made of square blocks. And not just buildings and nature, but also every character. But the most exciting thing is that you are the one creating it! Show your talent of an architect and creative side by changing the surrounding environment according to your own taste! There are plenty of Minecraft games on our site, but the point is always the same – the main hero appears with a pickaxe in his hands and uses it to perform various actions, mining and building. This is another reality and you’re the one shaping it!

Build and craft

You’ll hardly find a more fascinating entertainment than playing Minecraft online. Those who love fantasizing and are trilled with unusual stuff will discover a new platform for building their own world where everything is made in your vision. Cute houses with gardens will rise at your will – you only need to mine enough new blocks controlling the square-headed character. Then you can fill your home with all kinds of furniture and decor to make it cozy and beautiful. There is a large number of crafting recipes that will tell you which resources to combine. You can also invent some on your own. Or maybe it will be a huge commercial complex? Perhaps even a shuttle bay for a spaceship? It’s up to you to decide, whatever you’re capable of imagining!

Explore and fight

But building isn’t everything you are going to do in Minecraft. You’ll also get to perform various missions, protect a castle, collect artifacts. This virtual land is quite dangerous. At night your house will be attacked by zombies and skeletons. Craft a wide assortment of weapons for self-defense. You can also get the needed elements from dead bodies to expand your variety of materials. There are even rarer types of them waiting for you in the dungeons and scattered throughout the world. Set out for a thrilling journey, defeat hordes of enemies and discover unspoken treasures lying underground! There are even portal leading to other worlds with totally different ecosystems, creatures and resources. Just think of how many unique ingredients you can stock up on there!

Minecraft games are endlessly diverse and fun. There are new versions coming out on a regular basis and we keep track of them to add the newest releases to our portal. Discover a multitude of them online and you’ll get surprised at how fascinating the process of exploring and building a new world can be!