Street fights are a genre that will never die and never lose its relevance. And Gang Beasts is just a perfect title that can give you a good idea of this genre. Walking around different locations and trying to turn someone’s face into a mess, training moves and hits on other players is quite exciting. Besides, there is no blood and terrible scenes here, everything is ridiculous and simple. Here you can not only battle against the computer, but also fight real people, and there can be up to four of them. Everyone will have at their disposal a funny person: yellow, green, red or blue. They have equal powers, so luck can smile at everyone. Most importantly, you have to calculate your moves and plan your tactics in advance. In addition to the usual heroes, powerful bosses will also cross on your way. If you can defeat them as well, you will earn maximum points and significantly increase your strength. And if you are bored, simply change the location and complexity!

Thrilling fights, hilarious locations!

Need to deal with someone? Gang Beasts will quench your thirst for revenge. In this game you can enjoy fierce battles, gelatin characters and a deadly environment. Don’t suppress your anger in the fictional Beef City, where your gelatinous warrior kicks, throws, pushes, pulls and beats opponents in search of sticky glory. Are you dreaming of throwing your friends into a pit for burning garbage? Or push them under the wheels of a train? Straighten out your relationship on the Ferris wheel or drop buddies from a huge truck – you are provided with funny chaotic fights in the most impossible settings!

Play with your friends, enjoy different modes!

Gang Beasts is a bright and positive game that will give you a great opportunity to have fun with your friends. You can invite a whole company of them and fight in different arenas in teams or against each other. Many different locations, funny moments and well-developed physics – all this is in the game. Battles will take place in rather unusual places: whether it is an elevator shaft, or two moving trucks, or, at all, the roof of a skyscraper. You will be given certain tasks in which only one will survive. On each terrain, your hero will have certain blows and tricks that he can use towards the enemy. The game is very popular, as it is fully suitable for both an adult audience and for children. Even sitting aside and watching the process, you can get a bunch of exciting emotions and good mood for a long time. Discover all the thrills of Gang Beasts online and see if you can become a Beef City champion!