Sonic.Exe is a horror take on the classic Sonic where you have to get through familiar levels filled with traps, bonuses and enemies while also watching out for the evil version of the blue hedgehog who can attack you any moment! Your goal is to reach the end of the level unharmed having scored as many points as possible – and having avoided encountering your new Exe friend!

Same old Sonic… or not quite?

Every old-school gamer knows and loves Sonic. And equally all the other characters that ever made an appearance in any of the old console games. However, we all get tired of the same thing, and Sonic.Exe turned out to be a great way of refreshing everyone’s favorite arcade. As you remember, the main character used to be the main evil fighter and spent a lot of time struggling with Dr. Eggman in particular. Now he has turned into the main evil, minus fighter. And your task here will be to get away from him because he won’t stop until he runs you down. You probably know that he can run real fast, so prepare for a thrilling confrontation!

On your way through colorful 8-bit levels, you have to follow the usual routine of every arcade player – choose your path between different elements of the landscape (some of them can be really dangerous), hop over traps and make sudden turns and somersaults to collect as many bonuses as you can (including those that hang beyond your immediate reach and force you to take a long way to get them). The choice of characters depends on every particular game, but most commonly it is Tails or the good Sonic. Ready, set, go!

Get away from the evil Sonic and survive through all the levels!

Running away from Sonic.Exe won’t be an easy task – after all, he has the abilities of the original hero and can move at a whooping speed. You have to keep your fingers on the control buttons to be capable of outmaneuvering him if he starts getting close. There will also be several special moves and tricks in your arsenal that you can use if things get particularly hot. Just remember that your lives are not unlimited and picking up any extra of them can really save you when it comes to life-and-death situations! Sonic.Exe games will thrill you with vibrant graphics, simple and intuitive controls and of course dynamic gameplay with a non-stop flow of adrenaline. Choose just the one that looks most appealing to you and start playing right now!