Among Us Squid Game

Game description:

Squid Game is the acclaimed South Korean TV series that has become a hit on the streaming service Netflix. Developers of mobile games from the studio Benjihagames decided to strike while the iron is hot and announced the beginning of pre-registration of users in the new mobile application Among Us Squid Game, in which they crossed the plot of Squid Game and the “space mafia” Among Us. This is an arcade survival game fresh from South Korea. If you like the Among Us game and the Squid Games series, then you’ll certainly be a fan of Among Us Squid Game. This survival arcade game features familiar characters from Among Us. The game is built on the idea behind Netflix’s Squid Games.

Among Us Squid Game is the kind of game, from which you just cannot tear yourself away. It will surely absorb all your attention. The plot captures literally from the first second of the gameplay, it just makes your bood freeze. According to the plot, 456 people who got into difficult life circumstances decided to take part in a deadly and mysterious game. And only one can be the winner. The main thing is not to give up and overcome all the levels of tests and challenges by playing children’s Korean games, which are not as harmless as it might seem at first glance.

This game features several modes, the main one is a multiplayer. The player needs to listen to sounds, be very careful, and avoid traps because the main character has only one life. Up to 50 players can compete in one lobby. The most important thing, there is the multinational rating competition. Go towards your goal, become the winner, and get the main prize. Be sure you will become a real fan of this mega-popular survival game.