Roblox Squid Game

Game description:

The genre of battle royale never stops being popular. Especially now when it’s shored up by a hot new TV series from South Korea. It has actually become so influential that there is now a game on Roblox created on its base. It’s called Roblox Squid Game and if you’re a fan of this genre, you should definitely check it out! The matches run between real players, so it’s much more interesting than playing against the AI. Shall we begin?

First let’s take a look at the TV series that inspired the project. In the center of the plot is a poor jobless father named Song Ki Hoon, whose daughter will soon fly away to the United States with her mother and stepfather. One day he gets a business card from a total stranger who drops a proposition to go on an adventure and play a peculiar kind of game with an opportunity to win a lot of cash. After another unsuccessful attempt, Song decides to accept it. The main character arrives at the mentioned place, gets in a van and feels dizzy. It turns out a sleepy gas has been sprayed and he loses consciousness.

Song comes to his senses in a huge room, wearing a tracksuit with a number “456”. He is surrounded by people like him hoping to earn money in this mysterious game. Each of them has loans to pay, empty bank accounts and extremely poor life. Here they have a chance to get rid of their debts. Together with all this motley crowd, there are also people dressed in pink suits – they will monitor the whole process. The players are explained that they will participate in six simple children’s games in the next week. One of them is tug-of-war, only now the players have no chance for a mistake, since losing is fatal.

So what exactly are you going to do in Roblox Squid Game? You’ll have to perform a series of challenging and life-threatening tasks during which half of the players are going to die. They will be quite different and some are borrowed from the series. So if you watched it, you probably know what to do in each particular case! Just be careful and show your dexterity, good reaction and ingenuity if you want to emerge out of this bloodbath victorious. Embark on this set of ultimate battle royale trials and see if you can cope with everything prepared for you by the developers!