If you love horror games and enjoy the sense of danger and adrenaline, you’ll surely be thrilled to play Binding of Isaac! It will tell you the story of a small boy who lives with an insane mother and is forced to hide from her underneath the house. That’s where he encounters a different sort of danger – monsters living in the basement. You need to make your way through them using various weapons and collecting bonuses!

The world of your nightmares!

The plot of the game is based on the biblical story of Abraham and Isaac, a God-fearing parent and his child. Isaac lived with his mother, who preferred watching Christian TV shows, reading the Bible, and other ways of getting closer to Jesus over communication with her son. But this wasn’t enough for the Lord: as a proof of true faith, he demanded to make a sacrifice, which should be none other than Isaac. Unlike the original story, though, the boy realized the danger before God said “stop”, and escaped into the basement through a hatch in the floor.

But which of the two evils, a distraught mother with a kitchen knife or a basement full of dangers, is the lesser is still unknown. Although all kinds of monsters, thorns, and other impurities look pretty cute, each of them can bring Isaac to tears or even kill him. However, tears here are not a weakness, but a deadly weapon. Compared to the previous version, Rebirth has learned to make even crazier combinations of various objects. Making a crying baby a terminator with homing poison lasers from both eyes – please. Turning the head of a dead cat into a catalyst for fountains of blood, destroying everything living in the room in one move – this is possible, and it is rather creepy.

Can you get through all the monster-packed levels?

All locations in the game are rooms in which enemies, doors, chests, chasms, and so on may or may not appear randomly. In this case, on each level of the basement, there will definitely be an artifact, and the hatch to the next level will be guarded by the boss.

As before, you will have to die a lot – and each time you start anew empty-handed and without cool items. Even after passing the game quickly, don’t forget that the real passage can only be counted when you have unlocked all the bosses – this will require a huge number of successful races. And even after that, in an amicable way, you need to do hunting for trophies, completing tests and passing on a high level of difficulty. Play Binding of Isaac online and feel the shivers!