It’s so nice to get together on a gloomy autumn evening at a large table, pour a cup of fragrant tea for everyone, and play a couple of good old board games! Chess, puzzles, legos, sea battle – there are so many options here. But if even you are suddenly busy or tired, there is absolutely no reason to deprive yourself of your favorite pastime. Because there are plenty of amazing board games online waiting for you! Our site hosts a wide collection of the most entertaining and exciting titles of this genre that will warm your heart with familiar gameplay and classic rules that have long been known to every little kind. You can try your luck and skill against a computer, compete with your friends or strangers from all over the web. Regardless of your choice, you are guaranteed to have a great time!

Fun to play and good for your brain!

Board games are not only a wonderful entertainment, but also a great workout for your brain that will allow you to hone your logic, concentration, observation and ability to perform simple mathematical operations. The decisions you have to make require you to carefully analyze the situation at hand and think a few steps ahead trying to foresee the moves of your rival and build out a winning strategy. Even the simplest games of the kind will prove handy in keeping your mind in a good shape. This will be especially useful for children who feel bored with tedious tasks and need something fun and interesting to get involved in the process of improving a variety of skills they are going to need for excellent academic performance. So even the youngest members of your family will be happy to join in and take a shot at the immense number of board games we have to offer!

Simple or complex, short or long – it’s up to you!

If you are not satisfied with something as simple as tic tac toe or crossword puzzles, there are also other, more sophisticated board games for you to try. Some of them require you to collect and manage resources, construct buildings and run business. You probably heard of or even played Monopoly – this is a brilliant example of a game that won’t only provide a few hours of a fascinating pastime, but also teach you to plan your actions working up complex tactics and strategies in your mind. The more elements you need to consider to make the next move the more of your mental capacities you are using. So if you are looking for something more than just a bit of virtual fun, welcome to our online board games that are equally absorbing and challenging!