Cartoon games will invite to the world of your favorite cartoons that you used to watch as a kid or maybe still watch. You will plunge into the amazing universe of adventures and quests that you can enjoy together with familiar characters showing your reflexes and ingenuity.

Become a kid again!

There is probably no such child in the world who doesn’t love cartoons. This is a whole world where the heroes get into all sorts of difficult situations and solve them thanks to their bravery and friendship. It’s so exciting to follow the events unfolding on the screen, worrying about the characters and trying to guess what is going to happen next! Specially for fans of hand-drawn adventures, there is a category on our site called cartoon games.

They are based on the plot and concept of famous cartoons and allow you to experience all the thrill you used to feel while watching them, only now you are an active participant of everything that is unfolding before your eyes! Together with well-known heroes, you can explore vast lands, look for hidden treasures or magical artifacts, fight dangerous enemies that threaten the well-being of your kingdom or home town. You can equip your character with cool weapons, learn amazing moves and attack, enjoy the process of running through colorful levels, jumping between the platforms or solving tricky puzzles. You definitely won’t be short of things you can do here!

Meet your favorite characters!

So what cartoon games can you find on this page? Quite a lot! You can descend to the bottom of the sea together with SpongeBob, set out to defeat monsters with Naruto or have fun with the good old Mickey Mouse. The magical land of Equestrian and the six charming ponies are waiting for your help, as well as girls from Monster High who can never seem to pick the right outfit for the upcoming party.

And how about Elza and Hannah from Frozen? When they don’t need to take care of their kingdom, they have plenty of other things to attend to, and they could use your assistance! Fans of Adventure Time will also be happy to take part in the life of Finn and Jake who have to defend their homeland from the evil Snow King, as well as figure out ways to win the heart of Princess Bubblegum.

As you can see, the choice is huge. You just have to select the game you like best and start playing right now! Delve into the world of your favorite cartoons, relive all the great adventures in the company of the main characters and have fun!