Drop a couple of lines in Friday Night Funkin and win the battle! You are welcome to enter the world of music, where cool rappers are competing for fame. Become one of them and prove that you are the funkiest hip hop master ever. So, what is waiting for you in the game? A collection of amazing songs, tons of original content, engaging plot, and adorable characters with bright personalities. There is more! On our website, you will find not only the official game, but also a pack of great mods, where you will meet new rivals, listen to new songs, and even recolor the characters.

The original plot of the game starts with a cute love episode between Boyfriend and Girlfriend (these are the names of the characters, yes). She invites him to her place, reassuring that her parents left for a weekend. He is happy to hear that and eagerly comes. However, as they get relaxed and delighted by the company of each other, suddenly the door opens. Oops, this is Girlfriend’s Dad and he is not happy to see you! This man is not going to beat you, no way. He is as creative as you are and likes music. No doubt that such a nice Girlfriend can be a daughter of a really great man! Still, he wants to make sure that she made a right choice. That is why, your romantic date immediately turns into… a music battle! Dad used to be a rock star when he was young, so he knows something about music and will show his expertise to you. There is something you have to oppose – your own talent!

Besides Dad, you will meet numerous other rivals and each of them will present his own musical theme. When the battle starts, you need to follow the music and fit the rhythm with your moves. It is necessary to activate both – your visual attention and hearing! Watch the flying arrows and as they reach the forms on the upper side of the playing field, press the corresponding ones on your keyboard! You timing must be just perfect – you have to press the arrows at the very best moments, without missing even a second. As you play and train, you will learn to make combinations and stunning series of moves along the music. By the way, you can ask your Girlfriend to help you learn some new moves and improve those you already know – the game includes a training mode, where she is going to teach you. The rivals on your way are all different and, as you can understand, the complexity of songs they have will grow. The main thing to mind is the increasing speed. Your opponents will be trickier with each new level, so it is important to master the skills and stay attentive all the time! Beat them all with your creativity and speed! Happy Friday Night Funkin!