What do you enjoy most in online games? Dynamic action? Challenges to overcome? Ability to play with other people? All of this is present in Fall Guys! This game is a great way to spend your free time, shake off stress and get charged with positive emotions. You can have fun both alone or with friends and it’s going to be a new experience every time. Intrigued? Then find out more about this amazing arcade and try it yourself on our site!

Run, fall, get up and run again!

Fall Guys is a riveting game resembling classic battle royale, only without guns and killings. Instead, your task is to defeat other players by overcoming various obstacles. You will assume the role of a funny-looking yellow man ready to join the competition against a hundred of opponents. The trials will vary from round to round, but every time your goal is the same – get into the first half of those to reach the finish line. If you manage to do that, you will proceed to another stage of the contest. If not, you are going to fly out. But don’t be too upset, the games run very often and it won’t be long until a new bunch of participants is gathered for a new try! Because the levels are randomly generated and you don’t know what particular challenge is waiting for you next, it’s always fascinating to play. Everything happens very rapidly and you won’t have time to catch your breath!

Beat all the opponents and get the champion’s crown!

The whole process of playing Fall Guys is filled with a good deal of awkwardness and absurd. The moves of the characters are very funny and you won’t get tired of watching them push and thrust, fall and get up, jump and run, swing on ropes and hop through big hoops. If you stumble and find yourself on the ground, you will be thrown back a certain distance and will start from the latest checkpoint. But don’t worry, even if you got behind, the same can happen to the rest of the players and you might still finish off on time. There are different modes for you to try, including those where you need to join other players and act as a team. These trials are the hardest because ensuring common victory depends on the efforts of all the team members. If someone goofs off, the others will lose too! That continues until there is just a dozen of finalists left. They will compete for the crown of the champion placed on the top of a high mountain. As you can guess, you need to climb there faster than your rivals and snatch the prize! Good luck with that!