The billiard game is one of the most popular sport entertainments ever. This game has pretty simple rules – you have a stick and pack of colorful balls. The task is to hit the balls accurately to make them roll across the table and fall into the holes located on the corners and sides of the table. There are nets there and the balls get to those nets when you hit them and reach the aim. The colorful balls have to appear in the nets first, while the last one is a black ball. Make sure to make it fall into the net after all the rest are already there. If you will hit the black ball and it will get into the hole earlier, you will lose the game.

The game is amazing when played in the real world, but it is even greater when you have a chance to enjoy a digital version of it. Especially, when you have such a realistic and well-done title like 8 Ball Pool! This is the best simulator of billiard played by gamers from all corners of the world and you are welcome to join this growing community now! Kids and adults will find this amazing game extremely addictive and entertaining!

Competitions against advanced AI

The main feature of the game is that you can join a massive competition and play with other people online. When the match takes place, you are welcome to compete with each of them one on one. Once you win one round, you get to another and so on. The most skilled and accurate billiard player becomes a champion and enjoys the victory! When you launch the game, you have to choose the complexity level. There are three of them here – from the easiest to the hardest. If you are a newcomer, you are recommended to start with a simple level. This way, you will have a chance to improve your skills and appear on the arena as an experienced player. If you choose the harder level, get ready that your opponent’s moves will be better and more well-thought. This is true for those who choose to compete against the AI. However, when you enter the online multiplayer version, nobody knows who your rival will be! Get ready for a challenge!

Do your best and follow the rules to win

You need to strike the balls and make them fall into the pockets. The trick is to arrange everything in a way that your opponent would find it hard to hit and match the ball after your move. The seven colorful balls should appear in the holes first and then comes the black one. As you remember, avoid hitting the black ball before all the rest are placed in the nets – this will spoil your results and make you lose the match!