Those longing to try something new in the vast ocean of online games out there should definitely give a shot to Garry’s Mod. This is something like you haven’t tried before! Are you ready to plunge into a virtual world of your dream where you are free to do just about anything? Then welcome to our Garry’s Mod games that will send your head spinning and keep you glued to your computer screen for hours!

Create your own game!

Garry’s Mod games are an incredible physical sandbox that opens a vast fields of possibilities for entertainment before gamers. The main feature is full freedom of creativity. You don’t have any specific tasks set before you. Instead, you can create and do whatever you like. Such approach gives you the ability to invent your own game, change your heroes, add various elements of settings (furniture, weapons, explosions and so on) and alter the parameters of the gameplay. Nearly all the objects can be borrowed from different Source games and placed into the sandbox. You can come up with any game mode to your liking and share it with a huge pool of other players. There are no restrictions to your imagination and capabilities. You can make up missions, various structures or even short videos for YouTube.

Any entertainments to your liking!

Lacking a texture or hero for your last brilliant project? Create it on your own or use the materials shared by other users. You’ll be provided with all kinds of content available: maps telling a story, maps for war, maps for quests. From Garry’s Mod games you can gain access to a wide number of servers that contain tons of mini games and an immense variety of elements you can use for your own project. Want powerful weapons that can blow your opponents into pieces? Use customizable firearms and bombs from the workshop. Need a transport to move over the map faster or take part in a headlong rally? There is a wide choice of cars, boats and planes – everything for you to enjoy the process! You can do a variety of things – play football, set out on a fantasy adventure, participate in thrilling battles and join an RPG together with other people. Regardless of your preferences, you can easily pick an entertainment that will give you plenty of great time!

If you played Garry’s Mod just once, you won’t be able to forget it. You’ll find yourself totally addicted to it! Try our huge collection of Garry’s Mod games and build a virtual reality of your own that you won’t wish to leave!