Welcome to the kitchen of Mr. Tomatos! It might look cartoonish and like not a big deal, but actually it’s a rather dangerous place where your life is at stake. Yes, that’s right! Making mistakes at this kitchen can cost you dearly, especially if you’re in the company of Mr. Tomatos. Will you risk your life to find out more? Then let’s go!

What’s on Mr. Tomatos’ menu today?

Mr. Tomatos is not an easy customer. This guy has a real character, with his angry red face and giant tomato head floating over the table. It’s hard to even pinpoint what kind of creature he is. But you’ll have to spend a sizable amount of time together with him, so you’d better learn everything about his habits. And guess what? He’s hungry! But it’s not just any hunger, Mr. Tomatos has a craving for specific dishes, and it’s your job to cook them for him.

Now, you might think that cooking for Mr. Tomatos would be easy, but trust us, it’s not. This dude has all sorts of different dishes in mind, and you’ll often scratch your head figuring out how to whip this stuff up. You can fetch some of the ingredients from the kitchen shelves or the fridge. But sometimes that’s not enough, and you’ll have to go shopping for the right ingredients or equipment to prepare the perfect meal. That’s where all those points you get for passing the levels will come in handy.

Don’t make Mr. Tomatos angry… or beware if you do!

But be warned, if you fail to meet Mr. Tomatos’ expectations, he will fly into the most furious rage you’ve even seen! He has a special anger meter that goes up every time you give him something he doesn’t want (which is not so hard to do considering his constantly changing whims). And when it reaches maximum, the death mode will be activated! Well, don’t worry just yet, you can fight back against Mr. Tomatos if you’re brave enough. There is even an ending where you can kill him with a kitchen knife! Maybe you can even tease him into getting all murderous on purpose, just to see what he is about to do. And then pull that knife from behind your back and wham! That is, if you don’t miss…

So, are you ready to cook up some delicious meals and spill some blood with Mr. Tomatos? Just remember, one false move, and he’ll be coming for you! And who knows, maybe you’ll be the one to take down the infamous tomato-headed monster. As you already know, there are several endings to this game, so which one will it be? Get cooking, and let the kitchen survival begin!